Aline Conus – 2003 vintage tasting

Aline Conus was born in 1978 in Jura, Eastern France. She is a successful French business woman and marketing expert specialised in luxury goods, e-commerce and the Chinese market who lived in China for over 7 years. She studied at the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux in Bordeaux, at the famous University of Columbia and at the London School of Economics.



By Aline Conus

One of the highlights of this vintage’s tasting, the pleasure of tasting so many top wines, then lunch was provided of sushi – stuffed with foie gras, and Roquefort – pure heaven!


Climens (?)                                                                                      


Not tasted, but from all commentaries, a great wine, if not one of the greatest Climens. This is my favourite for its elegance and, combined with the luscious year, should be great.


Coutet (18)                                                                                                  


A stunning Coutet, intense, honeyed richness, but with characteristic brightness of citrus and flowers, very long, delicious.


De Fargues (17.5)                                                                                       


I loved this, completely above its class, with an intensity and rich honeyed nose of acacia, orange blossom, very sweet, rich, wonderful.


Filhot (16)                                                                                                    


Very open and complex orange peel and honeyed nose, not as intense as some but lovely, long and elegant.


Guiraud (16.5)                                                                                            


Honeyed and luscious, with bright citrus balance. Beautifully precise wine, not overpowering but long.


Lafaurie Peyraguet (17)                                                                             


Very good, mature sweetness but elegant and stylish, a very long classy citric finish, excellent.


La Tour Blanche (17.5)                    


Very intense, sweetness, a blockbuster with an attractive, long finish, and nice, bright acidity. This is very good but for me does not have the sharp definition of some.


Rieussec (19)                                                                                               


For me, one of the best, all the sweetness and balancing acidity, all the flavours of the rainbow, the one thing for me is this wine’s intriguing complexity. This is a great wine.


Suduiraut (19)                                                                                                         


Quite excellent. I tasted it on two separate days, both the same. This has all the intensity and sweetness, but also great class, and great length, and again wonderfully intriguing complexity and definition of flavours. Fabulous.

By Aline Conus

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